Maximizing Your Profits with AI-Powered Training: Boosting Performance and Efficiency in the Workplace

Maximizing Your Profits with Artificial Intelligence-Powered Training: Boosting Performance and Efficiency in the Workplace

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 In a constantly evolving world, the skills sought after by companies are continually updated. To maintain and improve performance, employee training is essential. However, the skills learned become obsolete, and adaptability is necessary. What if artificial intelligence was the solution?

The world of work and the future of employment πŸš€

According to a study by Dell and the Institute for the Future in 2017, 85% of jobs in 2030 did not yet exist. Employees currently in your company may have a completely different role in a few years!

Not to mention the new generations currently being trained for these future professions, who will join the workforce in a few years. They will need to be integrated into existing teams to benefit from their knowledge without disrupting the efficiency and organization of current employees - they will need to be updated on new methods.

All areas are evolving. In industry, techniques are being refined, in customer relations, needs are changing, in research, new tools are emerging...

Regular and rapid training is necessary, but it must be done with caution and efficiency to ensure that technologies and knowledge are assimilated. The accelerated change in practices within companies, which adopt new tools to continuously improve, is not easy for everyone. This change must be accepted by passing through training.

But what is Artificial Intelligence? πŸ”Ž

It was born in the 1950s thanks to two American scientists: John McCarthy and Marvin Lee Minsky.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is all around us every day. You probably used it today by asking a digital personal assistant like Siri a question or going to Amazon, which suggests a product to buy. You may also have made a credit card transaction: all of these examples use Artificial Intelligence. AI is already working for us every day.

We are far from the apocalyptic scenario of robots taking control of humanity. However, Artificial Intelligence will achieve its best results when it assists a human task and helps people make their work more intuitive and easier to do.

In education and at school, this is already happening: more than 500,000 students in schools in the Paris region can improve their mastery of the French language through a personalized learning path created by humans but adapted to each learner by the machine...

In the field of professional training, this is what is proposed.

AI to assist in training πŸ€–

AI can help optimize training by supporting both learners and trainers. In the world of education, AI helps sort homework and identify struggling students. Similarly, in professional training, it can intervene to evaluate and personalize training paths.

Adaptive learning uses AI-based computer programs to organize resources and supports optimally.

This is what we call weak AI: the machine recognizes trends and learns about its user based on data. By studying the pace and level of learners, it is able to personalize their learning path and make recommendations. With learning analytics, online learning can be optimized. This is what some mobile applications dedicated to language learning do, used autonomously by the learner. This technology is even more useful when it supports training based around human tutors.

For example, which course to take next, which subject to rework, which training is most suitable. A learning plan is established specifically for each person. The learner saves time - and the trainer does too, as they can focus on designing the course and exchanging ideas rather than directing the learner to the right course. When a large number of people need to be trained, this is a major advantage. Training can benefit from innovation and the development of new learning methods to keep up with constant progress.

The human being keeps their place 🧬 The trainer will not be replaced by a robot...

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