What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

 To understand the need for Artificial Intelligence in our world we can count on an overwhelming fact: in 1950, the information that the human being had doubled every 50 years; currently, it is estimated that information doubles every 73 days. Therefore, at the end of a year, the information and knowledge generated by human beings doubles 32 times. Incredible. Yes, unbelievable but true.

Since ancient times, one of the endemic evils of humanity has been the difficulty in sharing knowledge and, in this way, in connecting the necessary dots that lead to progress. In fact, it is one of the resources that some entities, such as the Inquisition, have used to delay knowledge and maintain their realities. However, in the time of information and speed, the transmission of knowledge should be unstoppable. Although, due to sheer incapacity due to the volume of knowledge generated, this continues to be an important burden. Therefore, the creation of some tools to transmit this knowledge almost in real time is very necessary. We found Dezzai, an artificial intelligence program for the health sector.

What is Dezzai?

Dezzai is a company that has developed a technological solution to help pharmaceutical companies make decisions thanks to the combination of artificial and human intelligence. It also proposes a medical information search engine which, in a modular way, helps health professionals to find the information they need. The tool has a reasoning engine that simplifies finding the desired information. These solutions exist thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence with human intelligence. Human being and artificial intelligence cooperating to find the right decision. And it is that technological solutions are not enough without the human reach. Pharmaceutical and medical research companies can have all the possibilities of knowledge at their fingertips, creating the necessary links for faster and more effective progress. In this way, the toilets will be kept up to date with the information that is constantly appearing anywhere. Two people researching in the same direction may be connected, or one person researches and comes to a finding that is beneficial to other research as well. In this way, all the hours invested in advancing health will have an even greater impact. Artificial intelligence allows you to extract, archive and organize all the knowledge by having thousands of documents in your database. With this knowledge engine, you will efficiently organize the same aspect in the most disparate documents that you can make in your files. In this way, the human sector can access the relevant information and continue with its research task, or ascertain certain aspects that it requires to continue. We recently told you that artificial intelligence could read our emotions through waves. So making responsible and productive use of it is vital for our future world. Infoxication as an endemic evil of our time Infoxication is the information overload to which a person is exposed. On many occasions, this overload is negative because it is information that is not filtered, not relevant or even false. Therefore, having tools that automatically weigh all this information is crucial. Since we will be on the other side of the coin, that is, it is ignorance due to knowledge overload. These tools that cooperate with artificial intelligence propose actions that have a positive impact on the people affected by the information itself: Predict behavioral patterns of non-adherence to detect possible non-adherent patients. Generate conversations in a trusted environment. Provide personalized content and services according to the patient's profile. Dezzai has an encrypted platform to build an exclusive virtual community for doctors. In it, health professionals will be able to exchange opinions and obtain relevant information while they are certain that they are among colleagues and that any sensitive data will always be safe.

Exam for Artificial Intelligence

Taking into account the history of the creation of AI makes its use responsible and knowledgeable. Just as it is important to know how we know that an artificial intelligence is. At ComputerHoy they tell us about the Turing Test, made into a movie. In 1936 Alan Turing published his concept of a universal machine, which basically described what a computer algorithm, and a computer, was. In 1950 he formalized the beginning of Artificial Intelligence with his Turing Test, a test that defines whether or not a machine is intelligent.

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