Social network security

Social network security: protect your accounts from cybercriminals The digital world has become one of the cornerstones of our daily lives, spending long hours of our time browsing each of the virtual platforms that we have. However, despite how entertaining and fruitful this can be on many levels, it is important to recognize that it also involves a good variety of risks, that is, spaces such as social networks store high volumes of private information that under no circumstances can fall in foreign hands. Therefore, knowing how to protect yourself from cybercriminals is of vital importance.

How to protect your social networks to prevent hacks Suffering a hack is one of the most critical situations that we can experience on the internet. Although it is true that we can solve this conflict by going to portals like, it is necessary to talk about the precautionary measures that we can take to prevent this from happening. Protecting Facebook or Instagram accounts is not something that we can postpone, having to follow the most effective strategies to anticipate the criminal acts of cybercriminals. First and foremost, set a strong password. The combination of upper and lower case letters with numbers is the best way to act, leaving aside any words that can be associated with us. At the same time, it is necessary to point out that the most appropriate thing is to renew it periodically and not use it in all the accounts that we may have on the Internet. If one is violated, the rest will be protected. However, many hackers use tools capable of cracking the most complex passwords, so it is necessary to go one step further and have complete control of our accounts. To do this, we must activate what is known as "two-step verification" . Instead of entering the email and password to access, this system forces us to confirm by other means, that it is indeed we who want to enter the account in question, either with the mobile or computer. Similarly, social networks have a section that allows you to check who has been accessing your account, from what devices and from where in the world. If there are any among these logins that we do not know about, we must close that session immediately and automatically change the password. What to do if you have already been hacked With all this, it is possible that hackers still manage to gain control of your virtual accounts. Not only can this endanger your privacy, but it can drastically affect your personal and financial well-being. There is a lot of information that we accumulate on these platforms, and if someone acts on our behalf, our entire reality will be affected. Therefore, if the cyber criminal has achieved his goals, then there will be no choice but to follow his own steps and use tools such as Yes, hackers can also be hacked. From websites like this one, they teach us to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of social networks in favor of being able to recover our networks. An action that honors that "the best defense is a good attack", that is, let's say that a hacker has entered our Facebook or Instagram account, has closed the session of all our devices and has changed the password, so we are without access. Well, by using this type of system we will have the possibility of accessing again to do the same, to change the password again and completely shield our account so that this does not happen again. There are many risks on the Internet , however, there are also many other solutions for each of them, you simply have to know them. Faced with such a reality, it is time to be cautious and always be attentive to what may happen, taking drastic measures if necessary. Our security is essential in the digital framework.

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