Advantages of digital transformation

Advantages of digital transformation Digital transformation is defined as the integration of digital technology into all businesses, which makes a change in how organizations interact with their customers, and improves the internal processes in the organization, becoming more efficient,[1][2] and the process of digital transformation has many advantages in business In daily personal life, the most important of which are: [3][4] Increasing competitiveness at work Technology will increase flexibility, efficiency and productivity at work, and thus increase investment, and the more the company adopts new technologies, the greater its lead in the market, so there will be greater competition between companies. Increase employee productivity Digital transformation helps employees at work, so that information becomes easier to access, such as using accounting and office software, giving them the ability to realize their potential, thus increasing their productivity by 25%, and improving the performance of the company as a whole. Better customer service The digital transformation processes allow to better meet customer needs, such as using websites and web applications to purchase, making it easier for customers to experiment with the company's digital platforms, and serving them easier. Easy access to information The digital transformation helps to get information easily and smoothly. It is possible to access books, movies, and others without hassles, just by accessing the Internet. Advances in Automation Digital transformation allows the automation of machines, which positively affects the worker and the customer with the following: Automation of machines allows easy control of them remotely through the Internet, which reduces risks and accidents that may affect the worker at work. Improving and increasing the efficiency of the product, and lowering its price. It helps customers to facilitate the service without the need for an intermediary, such as booking flights directly from the Internet. Entertainment Industry Digital transformation includes increasing the entertainment of people, it is possible for them to get their movies and TV shows with just one click. Save time Digital technology has saved time in many things, including: payment and banking services by credit card easily and conveniently. Automated driving. Consult a doctor and make critical decisions. Disadvantages of digital transformation On the other hand, there are disadvantages of digital transformation, the most important of which are: [5][4] Data security Sometimes it is difficult to preserve information and data related to individuals and organizations, from penetration by criminals, terrorists, or commercial competitors. Privacy Concerns Having personal privacy in the digital transformation has become very difficult, because of the ease with which data can be stolen or sold, and digital cameras are everywhere, they monitor every movement in public places. Social disengagement People's tendency to social media sites increases isolation and distance from the real world, causing depression and an increase in mental illness. Job insecurity Massive changes in technology cause job insecurity. Technology can replace humans in many tasks, and increase people's work from home, reducing job security. Increased work pressure The employee gets a lot of work, including managing data, emails, and analyzing a large amount of data, which increases pressure and effort on employees, and they have less time. The lifespan of technological devices negatively affects the following: Digital systems have a relatively short lifespan, which causes technologists to work day and night to update them. Increasing the cost to users, as they need to upgrade their devices after several years, and the version for the user becomes old and not compatible with the new systems. Lack of sustainability and efficiency, as old devices become useless.

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