A Computer


A computer

 computer is defined as one of the electronic devices of different types and sizes, which have the ability to store, process, or even retrieve data, as it combines what is known as software and hardware composed together Computer,[1] The computer performs calculations, operations, and implements various applications through a set of commands given to it by these software or equipment.[2] The origin of the word computer The first was for the computer, which defined the device as a high-speed calculating machine. In the past, the work of the computer was limited to solving arithmetic operations very quickly in addition to its ability to deal with complex arithmetic operations, before the computer’s tasks evolved to include other types of operations such as selecting, sorting, comparing and transferring information, And many other different operations that the computer can perform today. D binary numbers, which depends on the numbers zero and one, so that the number - whether it is zero or one - is stored in a storage capacity on the device’s hard disk known as Bit, as the bit can only contain the number zero Or the number one, and the data received to the computer, whether letters, numbers, or whole words, is stored in a number of bits, where each digit of them symbolizes a multiple of the number 2, then is used in some simple mathematical operations to convert these inputs into words or commands to be executed. [4] For example: When the letter A is entered into the computer, for example, it is translated into a set of binary numbers, and then the electrical circuits in the computer convert these binary numbers into electrical pulses (in English: Pulses), where these numbers are decoded By the existing electrical circuits to understand their meaning, the series of binary numbers 1000001 indicates that the information entered is the letter A, and the conversion of data and information into binary patterns of numbers (zero or one) in the computer helps to facilitate the process of storing this data and [4] Computer components Computer components are divided into software components and physical components. According to the task it is concerned with, the software is divided into three types, which are as follows: [5] It is important for the user, and there are many examples of this type of software in the computer, such as word processor software, web browsers, games, image editing programs, and a calculator. System software: It is a group of software that is designed to form a base for other software. System software is designed to provide services for these programs, and system software is not concerned with the direct user of the device. The operating system in which the device is running, such as a Windows operating system or a Mac operating system. The hardware components are those physical devices and equipment that make up the computer,[6] and here are some of the computer parts:[7] Motherboard: It is the main board in the computer, and the motherboard contains many components on it, such as the central processing unit and memory and other components. Central processing unit: or what is known as the processor, and this unit works to execute commands in the computer. Random Access Memory: It is a memory that stores data that is used temporarily, and its components disappear when the device is turned off. Hard disk: It is the main place for storing user data and information. Power supply: It is a device located inside the computer, and it converts the electricity supplied to the device through the socket into energy suitable for the device. Other parts of the computer: The computer contains many other parts such as the screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, optical drive, and video card. Desktop computer), which are computers that are designed to be suitable for placing on the user’s desktop, whether at work, at home, or even at school. from computers. Laptop computer: A computer that can be powered by a battery, so moving this type of device is more easy than its desktop counterpart, and because a portable computer is easy to move around, it can be used anywhere. Tablet computer: This type does not contain a mouse and keyboard, it is a computer that works through a touch screen, which is used for writing, pointing and navigating between programs, and the iPad is one example of this type. Servers: (in English: Servers), a server is defined as one of the types of computers that supply information to other devices connected to it in the same network and share it with them.

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